Robin R. Roller, DVM


Originally from Bay City, Michigan, Dr. Roller earned her DVM at the University of Wisconsin, in 2004, where she received multiple awards and scholarships including the American Association of Feline Practitioners Senior Student Award for superior proficiency in feline medicine and surgery. Early on she knew she wanted to work exclusively with cats, and Idaho was lucky enough to attract her talent even before graduation.

Dr. Roller has practiced feline only medicine in Boise since 2004. She always had a clear vision of creating her own practice and is very excited to be part of Boise’s thriving, independently owned business community.

She shared her life for over 18 years with two very special cats, Ross and Simon. It is this special bond that inspires her to provide high quality medicine and care for cats. She truly understands and honors the emotional relationships we form with our cats, and enjoys helping them live longer, healthier, more comfortable lives.

Prior to working in the Veterinary field, Dr. Roller earned a BFA in Photography from Alma College (Alma, MI) and spent some time in both Michigan and Chicago working as a professional photographer. These days her talents are put to good use taking photos of patients at the clinic! Her free time is spent with her feline companion, Noodle. She also enjoys swimming, hiking, reading and traveling. Dr. Roller belongs to the following professional associations: American Veterinary Medical Association, American Association of Feline Practitioners, Idaho Veterinary Medical Association, Think Boise First, and serves on the Veterinary Technology Program Advisory Committee at Brown Mackie College.


Hospital Manager

Haylee, our Hospital Manager, is a Boise native and has been working with cats in a clinical setting for over 10 years. Her background includes serving on the Board of Directors of a local animal welfare organization. She facilitated fostering & adoption programs, and helped to develop marketing and fund raising strategies. Haylee loves meeting each individual cat and their family, and works to ensure their visits are as stress free as possible. She also enjoys educating cat owners, with the goal of enriching the feline-human bond. Haylee knows firsthand the important role cats play in our lives, as integral family members and loving companions.

Katie, CVT

Certified Veterinary Technician

Katie graduated with honors from Brown Mackie College with a degree in Veterinary Technology. Her professional background includes time spent in the pet grooming industry.

Katie loves the interesting challenges that cats present and we are fortunate to have her feline expertise. She loves her chosen profession and looks forward to caring for her patients.

Ashley, CVT

Certified Veterinary Technician

Ashley graduated from Brown Mackie College with a degree in Veterinary Technology. Prior to this, Ashley attended Spokane Skills Center to become a Certified Veterinary Assistant, and also performed volunteer work at Heart Arrow Veterinary Clinic. She loves meeting and caring for each unique feline family member and helping to ensure that they are provided the best medical care possible, to maintain a happy and healthy life.


Veterinary Assistant

Ariana earned her Associates in Animal Science from College of Southern Idaho. During high school she volunteered at an animal shelter, and completed a work-based study program in a Jerome veterinary clinic.

There are many things she enjoys about the veterinary industry including being able to help animals, interacting with their owners, and the fast-paced environment where there is always more to learn.


Veterinary Assistant

Holly has always had a passion for caring for animals, and her past experience includes working at an equine boarding facility. She loves that there are always new things to learn in the Veterinary industry, and truly enjoys getting to care for our many different feline patients..



Michelle joins us from a background as a legal assistant. She left that field to pursue more fuzzy avenues and thinks she found the purrfect job! She is excited to work in a feline only, cat-friendly environment. At home, she has a beast-of-a-dog named Lindsay, who is a 170lb. Newfoundland and the light of her life. She enjoys getting her kitty love fix at work!


Executive Officer

Originally from Caldwell, Idaho, Noodle started his career as an abandoned farm cat. After his neuter, he attended Purrrdue College where he studied new processes for manipulating humans. Considered an expert in his field, he has published multiple papers on the topic (“How to Get the Treats You Want” and “Putty In Our Paws: Snuggling for Dummies”). Since graduation and adoption, he has spent most of his free time developing ways to harness more sunlight and has published a new book: “Counter-Surfing 101.” As our Chief Feline Officer, he runs the people who run this company!